Friday, February 15, 2008

realiti sebenar pilihanraya 2008>PENGUNDI HANTU

heheee SPAM! di sini merujuk kepada pengundi hantu..mesti ade nyer..
mane ade pihak main adil...skang ini orang mata duitan..ape2 bleh tergadai..

undilaa pihak yang alternatif.......



The 12th General Election will be here soon. Do you want to see a free and fair election? You can… if you volunteer to be an Election Observer !

MAFREL (Malaysians for Free and Fair Election) is an independent and non-partisan, non-governmental organization. Observing elections and to ensure that they are free and fair is our main mission. We are officially accredited by the SPR.

MAFREL is now looking for volunteers to be trained as Election Observers. Come for a briefing and training session if you are interested (absolutely no obligation). Do your part to ensure that the coming general election in our country would be free and fair.

Topics to be covered include:
• The process of election
• The policies and dynamics of election
• Your rights as a voter
• Is a free and fair election possible?

Speaker: Tn Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh, MAFREL Vice-chairman

Even if you do not want to become an Election Observer, it would still be an excellent idea to attend the session, to get to learn about election.

Who qualifies to become an Election Observer in the coming general election?
• You must be a citizen of Malaysia
• You must be at least 21 years old

Details as follows:

Date: 24 Feb. 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 2.00pm – 7.00pm
Venue: Pusat Keuskupan Katolik (PKK), Ground Floor, @ 290 Macalister Road, Penang
( Short stroll from the YMCA and the Island Hospital )
Closing date: 22 Feb. 2008

Registration is FREE ! Hurry, register now Limited space available !

For registration or more information, please contact Lucia Lai at tel. 012-4301604 or
BK Ong at tel. 013-5900339

Everyone from the Northern states - Perak, Penang, Kedah and Perlis are welcome !

MAFREL will organize other training sessions for the Central Region (KL, Selangor, South Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka), the East Coast Region (Trengganu, Kelantan, Pahang) and Southern Region (Johor) in coming weeks. Please stay tune !

PS. In order to allow the public to examine our SPR accreditation for themselves, MAFREL has put up the accreditation letter online, in the form of pdf file. Please get it @

MAFREL does offer training sessions for the KL/Selangor area. Please contact BK Ong, the coordinator for MAFREL, to obtain more info.

His phone number is 013-5900339



untuk yang tak tahu lagi terutamanya yang baru masuk uia pj ataupun uia nilai..
ni laman web untuk mendapatkan result periksa korang..aku pun slalu check laman web ni..yang lama masih disimpankan! ni laman web.